Welcome to Tennessee Veterans Business Association

Welcome to the TVBA, an association that provides education and support opportunities to veterans in the business world.

Across this great nation that we once defended, the TVBA is the only group of Veteran Owned Businesses and Champion Partners that embraces our mission of business development, growing the entrepreneurial spirit, government advocacy, education and training, and career support to the veteran job seeker.

We honor the same culture of diversity that we embraced while in uniform. We come from all branches of the military, and we are on the same team once again. As business owners, our members offer a broad range of products and services. We have solar panel installers, landscapers, wellness experts, cheese makers, training professionals, and a wide array of federal government contractors.

Veterans in all walks of life have earned distinction by service to our country. The TVBA is dedicated to the proposition that those who have borne the battle should be better recognized in the chambers of commerce.

If you’re a veteran, or a business interested in supporting our association, please contact us today!

Upcoming Events

The Four Cornerstones of the TVBA

The foundation of our organization is built on four cornerstones: Marketing, Government Advocacy, Education and Training and Veteran Employment Issues. We are a one-of-a –kind business association and the only entity across the country that brings these four vital elements together under one umbrella.

As veterans, we take pride in our teamwork. As a veteran business association we connect the veteran business owner with other veteran-owned companies, Chambers of Commerce, elected officials, government agencies, other business associations, local business leaders, local military units and the veteran support community.

Veteran Career Issues

The TVBA is committed to tackling this issue in Tennessee. We feel the best solution to this problem is to place the veteran business owner in the middle of the issue.


Our on going series of training sessions provide our members with a wide variety of topics that are designed to assist in business development and growth.

Government Relations

The mission of our Government Advocacy Committee is to create a favorable business environment for our members, and educate them on legislation and laws that impact their business.

Membership & Marketing

We are a member driven association comprised of both veteran-owned businesses and non-veteran-owned businesses that wish to be involved in the business community.