About Tennessee Veterans Business Association


The TVBA was formed in February 2010. When Jonathan Williams, a ten year Navy veteran, began the process of starting his own business, he decided to reach out to fellow veteran business owners to gain insight and input on operating a successful company.

Jonathan quickly realized there is no local association of veteran business owners and this demographic is not captured or reported on any list or local database of business owners.

Through exhaustive research of federal databases, he was able to identify hundreds of veteran owned business’s in the East Tennessee area and he quickly decided to bring them together as one unified voice. Thus the Tennessee Veterans Business Association was created.

Our first meeting was held on February 21st 2010 and since that time we’ve grown to an active Association that is very involved in the local community and beyond.

From Our Founder

Greetings fellow veteran business owners,

My name is Jonathan Williams and I would like to welcome you to the Tennessee Veterans Business Association (TVBA)

The founding and formation of our Association represents an historic event. Our great state of Tennessee is known as the “Volunteer State” but never before in the history of this great state has an association been so situated, and dedicated exclusively to the interests of veterans in business before now.

The “conscience of commerce” must never forget that America’s great free enterprise system and our way of life isn’t free. It’s been bought and paid for in the hard life currency of sacrifice by the men and women who have served our Nation in military uniform.

The pre-positioning and due diligence that has gone into crafting your Association has been substantial. Industrial, political and community alliances have been built with benefactors, patrons, and sponsors – well identified and supportive.

To be sure, military veterans are everywhere mixed in the business of America. However, unlike many other interest groups at the tables of opportunity, risk, and reward – veterans are largely unknown for who we are, what we’ve done, and what we, as entrepreneurs aspire to be. Above all, it’s what we have to offer that matters most.

In less than a half a generation military veterans as a population group will have plummeted. At the same time the population of the U.S. will have increased by a huge margin. Military veterans are on the downhill numeric curve as citizens of community and country. As a result, the number of veterans in business will likewise decline in proportion or worse.

The landscape of our culture of commerce is driven by lobbies, interest groups and the powerful influences of major corporations which shape the course of economic events and our national policies. TVBA fully intends to engage in these realms to help foster greater awareness, patronage, and as appropriate – business opportunity preferences for veterans with our federal and state governments.

Veterans in all walks of life have earned distinction by service to the country. TVBA is dedicated to the proposition that those who have borne the battle should be better recognized in the chambers of commerce. Commercium Pro Defensoribus…the time has come!

Jonathan Williams,
2011 Chairman and Founder
Tennessee Veterans Business Association

Our Mission

The Tennessee Veterans Business Association provides entrepreneurship training, business development assistance, and networking opportunities to military veterans and their families. We also provide assistance in finding rewarding employment to all veterans, and support the work of both public and private sector organizations who offer charitable support to current service members and veterans.

As part of our mission, we educate the public and government officials on the values of supporting veterans and the importance of veteran-owned businesses to our economy. We believe in respecting their service by providing continuing support.

Our Philosophy

This mission is based upon the philosophy that veteran benefit programs fulfill necessary, proper, and valid public purposes by:

  • Promoting patriotism with no exception
  • Recognizing and rewarding service and sacrifice to country
  • Embracing the entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Assisting in the transition from the uniform to a business suit.
  • Providing a unified voice to the Tennessee business community, and in doing so, the Association serves the needs of present and future veteran business owners and job seekers.

We are committed to helping veterans and businesses who hire veterans succeed.

If not us, who? If not now, when?

Our Vision

TVBA advocates the support of Tennessee’s veteran and service disabled veteran- owned businesses, as one way for veterans to provide economic security and prosperity for their families and for the communities in which they live with dignity and honor. One Mission, One Goal, One Voice.

Our Values

  • Respect and honor in all aspects of our lives
  • Absolute integrity and honesty
  • Outstanding goods and services
  • Dedication to professional excellence
  • A “Can Do” spirit which instills confidence